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Safety Rules

Tobagganing, much like skiing, can be a risky sport. Accidents can happen even when all the security instructions are followed. In order to reduce the risk of accidents as much as possible it is imperative that all snow tube riders carefully read all security instructions and warnings posted in the park. These instructions, as well as those given by the park staff, must be followed exactly as stated. Snow tube riders are reminded that the use of this park is entirely at their own risk and that the Télé Leysin – Col des Mosses – La Lécherette SA assumes no responsibility in case of accident.

- Children under 5 years of age may not use the park, with the exception of the runs in the “Mini Park” which are reserved exclusively for them.
- Children must be at least 140cm tall in order to use the runs 6 and 7 that start in the tower, as well as for the “Big Airbag” run, number 9.
- Le Looping est réservé aux personnes de plus de 16 ans. Cette piste est interdite aux femmes enceintes.
- Tobagganing is not recommended for women who are pregnant, nor is it recommended for those who suffer from heart problems, or who have back, neck or spinal problems.
- People who have other health related issues must determine for themselves if their health issues will pose a problem while engaging in this type of activity.
- The Tobogganing Park personnel reserve the right to refuse access to any person who they believe does not have the capacity to engage in this type of activity.

- Recommended clothing: Warm outerwear (waterproof, if possible), winter boots or sturdy shoes, a helmet and gloves.
- Ski boots are not allowed.
- The use of a helmet is strongly recommended. Helmets are mandatory for for the “Big Airbag run, number 9 and for the Looping run, number 10. A limited number of helmets are available on loan, free of charge. However, a deposit is required.
- Snow tubes are for use by only one person at a time. More than one person in a tube is strictly prohibited.
- Before starting your run it is imperative that you wait until the previous rider has finished and exited the run and that the park personnel give you the start signal.
- Before you start your run, the snow tube leash must be placed inside, at the bottom of the snow tube. - The correct position: Seated, your elbows resting against the tube, your legs crossed in front of you. Riding the snow tube on your stomach, on your knees or standing up is prohibited.
- Hold on firmly to the snow tube handles.
- Do not try to steer, nor brake the snow tube for any reason, neither with your feet, nor your hands.
- Once your descent has finished, quickly exit the run without crossing any of the adjacent runs.
- The levels of difficulty are classed from “Frisson (blue) to Grand Frisson (black). The levels are clearly marked by signs at the start of each run.
- The runs are reserved only for snow tubes. The use of other materials or methods (sledge, disc, bob, etc) is strictly forbidden.
- The passage located between the moving walkway and the mini slopes is reserved for pedestrians.
- To access the start of runs 6 and 7, you must carry the snow tube on your shoulder and climb up the stairway.
- In order to prevent damage to the snow tube runs, we ask you to refrain from climbing on the on the banks of the runs or to play in the snow there.
- For your safety, the snow tubes may only be used in the runs designated for that type of usage.
- The taking of snow tubes outside of the park domain is prohibited.
- The moving walkway, runs and the start and finish areas are reserved only for snow tube riders. Accompanying guests, as well as spectators have access to a terrace where the complete set of runs are visible.
- Dogs, on a leash, are allowed only in the area of the snack bar (buvette). The rest of the entire zone of the park is off limits to pets.
- Adults who have children under their responsibility must ensure that these children understand and obey all of our security warnings and rules. Adults are also responsible for keeping a constant and attentive watch over these children.
- Snow tube riders must comply with the staff instructions and safety warnings at all times.
- Our personnel may confiscate the ticket and snow tube of any person not complying with their instructions or whose behavior poses a danger to themselves or to others.
- Moving walkway stoppage or the temporary closure of the runs does not give the rights to any compensation or refund.

Like skiing, tobogganing is a risky sport. Accidents may happen even if safety precautions are followed. Snow tube riders are reminded that the use of this park is entirely at their own risk and that Télé Leysin - Col des Mosses - La Lécherette SA assumes no responsibility in case of accident.

Geographic situation

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Tobogganing Park
Place des Feuilles
1854 Leysin
Phone +41 (0)24 494 28 88
Mob. +41 (0)79 377 96 71


Tobogganing Park


2014-15: season opening scheduled for Saturday 20 December, subject to snow conditions.
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Information for users

Tobogganing, like skiing, is a risky sport. Accidents may happen, even if security rules are respected. The users of snow tubes enter this activity at their own risk and Télé-Leysin – Col des Mosses – La Lécherette SA assumes no responsibility or liability in case of accident.

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